The Scavenger's Daughter

by Prevenge

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all instruments and songs written and recorded February 2015 - August 2016 by Max Reff, Stony Brook, NY.


released September 17, 2016

Prevenge is: Max Reff- guitars, bass, drums, vocals



all rights reserved


Prevenge Stony Brook, New York

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Track Name: Burn All Organic Matter
mold festering
bacteria grows rapidly
sealed plastic bag
receives no oxygen
cold cube of earth
silica dust, lung disease
breathing microscopic razors.
mold fabrication
quick dehydration
stoneware creation
from the imagination
liquid, plastic, leather hard
greenware, bone dry
bisque, glaze, porcelain
elements burning
thousands of degrees
burn off all organic matter
turn soft earth to stone.
Track Name: Seaside Drought
teeth grinding stainless steel
bones splintering, blood congeals
push needle under nail
air dead, diseased, and stale
skin shriveled in burning sun
cells dying one by one
dehydrated eyes fall out
birds hover seaside drought.
cannibal tendencies setting in
the only water found within
split skin of a dying man
suck life from broken hand.
drug culture starts to bloom
the only needles found are used
veins collapse and metal tip snaps
on the brink of society's last hope.
flesh torn from the bone
dry and dirty by sand alone
ripped like barbecue ribs
by birds, bugs, and the wind.
Track Name: The Scavenger's Daughter
tighten the screws, tighten the screws
crack the bone, shatter the ribs
tighten the screws, tighten the screws
dislocate the spine.
the scavenger's daughter
body compressed, flesh torn
cold rusty steel
tightened beyond the threshold.
spanish a-frame
forced into a box
oozing, leaking nose and ears
squeeze them, squeeze them.
by torture strange my truth was tried
yet of my liberty denied
1581, thomas miagh
1581, thomas miagh died.
Track Name: Blood Mites
(no actual words)