New Anatomy

by Prevenge

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written and recorded in Stony Brook, NY from September 2016 to June 2017.


released July 7, 2017

Max Reff- all instruments, lyrics, songwriting, production
artwork- "Basket of Hands" lithograph, 2016.

This album is dedicated to the memories of Daniel Davis and Adam Young, may they rest in peace.



all rights reserved


Prevenge Stony Brook, New York

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Track Name: Deemed Unfair
The cold air creeps in
through the cracks in the floor
in this home where we are
divided amongst ourselves.
Walls crack at the foundation
and paint begins to peel
true life is not so rough
but in mind deemed so unfair.
Screaming from A to B
B to A, then back to me
A is wrong but B is right
B is wrong but A is right.
Sever the ties between us
break the chain
dig us from this hole
seal tight the rut.
Track Name: Outer Body Disaster
To wake from the best moment
and see the light spin in random.
Open eyed visual hallucinations
every second death and rebirth.
Trapped in this flesh cage
clawing my way through space.
Lead weight pressed on lungs
body betraying the mind.
Constant lapse in judgement
spewing baseless tongue.
Minuscule sip of water
drowning in the flood.
Endless carousel of fear
inside a home of love.
Calming voice from right beside
but I can feel my blood.
It feels cold
oh god, why does it feel so cold?
nobody told me it would be this cold.
Mouth fills with paste
senses dull to touch
eyes fall back into the skull
limbs shrivel up.
Track Name: Ingrown
Cutting through the nail
giant needles numb the pain
slicing down the toe
it's too far ingrown.
Pulsing skin and burning flesh
pus oozing from the wound
black crusting mass engulfs
infected and abused.
Knife cuts down too deep
blood drips down my feet
knife cuts down too deep
again must repeat.
Track Name: Socks Worth Their Weight in Gold
Mud filled trenches
riddled with famine and death
clutch tight the locket from home
dip the pen in blood and write back.
The air smells thick with sulfur gas
the horses cry out for sweet release
food runs sparse and the wounded howl
with fresh clean socks worth their weight in gold.
Fireworks shoot across a barren patch
of bodies, barbed wire, and broken homes
clouds of smoke, a toxic miasma
and the sound of saws cutting through the bone.
Mommy, when is daddy coming home?
I don't know, sweety, we'll have to wait and see.
Dear family, I won't be home for Christmas
You'll just have to celebrate without me.
Mommy, who's that man coming to the door?
I don't know, sweety, we'll have to wait and see.
Dear family, I'm sorry to say he's gone.
Mommy, when is daddy coming home?
Track Name: The Bug Collector
Pinning specimens
the bug collector takes their wings
and legs and heads
and spreads them into shape.
Styrofoam board of insects
putrid stench of decay
horned corpses lay
glittering shells
iridescent exoskeletons.
Outnumber the humans
who place them for show
glass shadowbox of death.
Winged creatures of flight
trophies for the bug collector
live by his bedside
taxidermied on the desk.
Crawling insects
beetles, mantises, stick bugs, cicadas.
Track Name: Extraction Pt. I: Needle in the Gums
Open wide and spread those pearly whites
doctor will be in shortly just sit tight
biting down on plastic
lead vest for protection
x-ray to see in the jaw
needs further inspection.
Those teeth need to come out
hold still and don't make a sound.
Open wide and spread those pearly whites
doctor will be in shortly just sit tight
grabbing a chrome needle from the back
this might sting a bit so just relax.
Numbing mouth
cheeks that feel like marshmallow
numbing mouth
feeling light headed.
Track Name: Extraction Pt. II: Pliers
Steel extractors
coming toward the face
lights blinding
and bitter awful taste.
Pulling at the tooth
ripping, tearing, twisting out
blood fills up the mouth
can't find strength to spit it out
spit out the blood.
Track Name: New Anatomy
I lived a life; calm, easy, stress free
nothing painful and no mental disease.
Blood, needles, paranoia; this came to be
trying to cope with this new anatomy.
Every day starts off with a chance
as I roll these dice and get out of bed.
Will I be able to get out of the house
and overcome the torment in my head?
I had these visions of driving far and wide
to get in the car and go where I please.
Now I can't manage to calm my fears
to even get gas or just see a movie.
Every day starts off with a chance
as I try to relax my nerves and ease my thoughts.
Every day starts off with a roulette
36 spaces red and my money on black.
Zero to fifteen, normal as of late
fifteen to twenty-five, heart begins to race
twenty-five to forty, lightheaded, nervous
forty to fifty, true panic setting in
fifty to seventy, clammy hands, heat rising
seventy to eighty-five, can't stand, can't think
eight-five to ninety-five, losing all control
hitting the mark, 100, gone.
Cradled in these arms of comfort
reminded I am not alone
family and friends return the sense
of who I'm supposed to be.
Hold your breathe, inhale down deep
exhale slow, feel the breeze
hold your breathe, inhale down deep
exhale slow, feel the sweet release.
Tighten the grip, muscles relax
tighten the grip, all the way down your back
tighten the grip, muscles relax
let go of these thoughts, bring yourself back.